The Bayern Local Series: Maisinger See

The latest destination in the Bayern Local Series is the Maisinger See, a lake with numerous walking trails leading to and around it, as well as a beer garden at the shoreline. It’s located southwest of the town of Starnberg, and since the bigger lakes in the region get much more attention, it’s mostly only visited by locals and others who are “in the know”.

Unlike most other lakes in the area, the Maisinger See is manmade. It’s not your usual modern reservior, however; it was constructed by monks way back in 1680(!) to provide a habitat for fishing. Birds also found a home here, of course, and today it is a protected area for them. There is no “beach” per se, but next to the beer garden is a small space where swimmers can enter the lake, along with a platform for jumping which is very popular with kids. Speaking of kids, there is a nice-sized playground on the premises as well, making this a great place for local families to visit on warm summer days.

This is a favorite destination of mine, and I generally get there by bicycle but it’s also popular to walk over from Starnberg, passing through the very pretty Maisinger Schlucht (Gorge) on the way. The walk takes about 70 minutes each way from the Starnberg train/s-bahn station, and is relatively easy with only a few short hills. There is also plenty of parking for those who prefer to drive, and there’s a 5.8km (3.6mi) walking trail which circles the lake, if taking a walk once there interests you.

The beer garden is excellent, also one of my favorites. Much of the food is sourced locally, and there is a greater selection than one typically finds in a beer garden, plus plenty of drink choices and seating with a great view of the lake. No matter how you get there or how you choose to pass the time while you visit, a trip to the Maisinger See and its beer garden is a lovely way to spend a summer’s day!

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