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Wherever you go, go with all your heart – Confucius


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Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’m the creator and author of Wanderlust for Life. I grew up in the USA but have lived abroad since 2007, currently in southern Germany. I’ve loved to travel ever since I can remember, and I enjoy meeting people and learning about cultures from around the world.

I’m also passionate about caring for the planet and the life on it, both human and non-human. Combining these passions, in 2020 I launched this website.

Since then, in 2023 I completed a Master of Science in Sustainable Development at the University of Sussex. The program added to my knowledge of sustainability practices and issues, expertise that I look forward to sharing with my readers.



Wanderlust for Life features destinations, lodgings and activities all over the world, with sustainability as the common thread. And because we’re not all multi-millionaires I don’t focus on luxury travel, but on price categories ranging from budget to upscale.

On a more serious note, over time I’ve understood some of the negative impacts tourism can have, and have had to confront some of my own less-than-perfect past travel behaviors. So sometimes I cover more introspective and challenging topics in the realm of sustainability and tourism.

I look forward to helping you, my dear reader, in your journey to making your travels fun, fulfilling and more people and planet friendly. I love hearing from my readers, so please feel free to reach out and say hi, tell me what you’d like to read about, whatever!

Happy travels!



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