What Lies Ahead…

As I sit here in early March 2020, having just moments ago launched the website for a travel planning business which has been over a year in the making, the world is facing the threat of a rapidly spreading corona virus outbreak.

My discouragement at the unfortunate timing (to put it mildly) for this new venture is overshadowed by my concern for the impact it is already having, the lives harmed and lost.

And for what lies ahead…

We just don’t know, and I’m not going to pretend, or try to convince my readers and potential clients that this is in fact the perfect time to “snag that great deal”. It might be, sure, but I’d feel disingenuous, even dangerously ignorant, in continuing to blog and promote my business while ignoring the giant elephant in the room. So, I’ve decided that I won’t.

In the weeks and months to come, whether or not it is advisable to undertake travel will be an important decision for individuals, businesses and even governments to make, based upon their own circumstances and the latest information and medical/scientific advice. Odd as it feels to say this, I am in no position to advise anyone about whether they should plan or book a trip right now, so I won’t. The spread and impact of this virus, even just a few weeks from now, is just too uncertain.

So, we wonder what lies ahead…

We shall see, but at the moment I take comfort in reminding myself (and my readers) that although travel may not be in our immediate plans, I am certain that it’s not going to end entirely. Travel may be “down” at the moment, but it is definitely not “out”. It’s too important to our understanding of one another, too central to our natural curiosity as a species.

This planet is simply too beautiful to stop exploring altogether.

So, I will continue with the blog content I’ve been preparing to share with you, even though some of the places I will feature are inadvisable to visit right now. Because despite the current situation, they remain incredibly appealing destinations, and I want to share them with you. Let’s dream about them together, and look forward to the day when we can visit them, and all the other beautiful corners of this world, without worry.

Happy Dreaming, and Happy Travels!