The Black Oystercatcher Winery, South Africa

The Black Oystercatcher winery, craft brewery, restaurant and cottages are located in the Overberg region about 2.5 hours’ drive east of Cape Town, South Africa. It’s about 40 minutes from the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas, in an area known as the Agulhas Plain.

The winery’s location is quite isolated but beautiful. It has a real “end of the Earth” feeling to it – there’s nothing else nearby except an unpaved airstrip (hardly used, from what I could tell) across the street. Many of the area roads are unpaved as well, and particularly at night the place has a feeling of blissful solitude.

We stayed overnight in their simple but comfortable cottages, and although the restaurant is only open for lunch, the staff prepared a tasty platter of fruits, cheeses, spreads and bread for us that evening, which we enjoyed next to a roaring fire on our terrace with a freshly opened bottle of their wine.

There is a small but attractive swimming pool just outside the main building, and the restaurant and terraces were recently expanded. They also have a large herb, fruit and vegetable garden, which provides many of the ingredients used in their kitchen – fresh, local and seasonal are their mantras, and you can taste the difference!

The wines from this cool-climate vineyard were very good; when I visited they had not yet launched the brewery so I wasn’t able to sample the beer, but based on the quality of everything else I’m sure it doesn’t disappoint!

Booking ahead (particularly in high season) is essential for the restaurant, and definitely advised for the cottages as well, as there are only four of them.

I visited the Black Oystercatcher while making my way east from Cape Town towards the de Hoop Nature Reserve. This is a great area for a leisurely driving tour, and this was just one of several beautiful spots we visited during the trip. In other words, more to come in the future!  😊

(Disclosure: this is NOT a sponsored article. I have not received any compensation for writing it, and I have no personal or business connections to the property mentioned. I offer this review based solely on my personal experience.)

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