Impressions of Venice in the time of corona

When we think of Venice, many of us probably conjure images such as gondola-filled canals, the Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace, etc…oh, and tourists – hordes and hordes of tourists! Venice was for sure one of those destinations that was being “loved to death” until COVID-19 arrived on the scene.

The pandemic, while good for the local environment (who can forget the lockdown images of dolphins swimming in the unusually clear waters of the lagoon?), has been very difficult for Venice economically. But the drop in visitor numbers, and especially the current lack of cruise travel has an upside; people who are able to visit during this time can see Venice without all the crowds.

I was in northern Italy in October 2020, and decided to stop in Venice for two nights. Given the current circumstances I thought it might be a unique opportunity to see the city in a different light. And boy, oh boy, was it!

I won’t add any more commentary to this post, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves. Welcome to Venice in 2020.

That isn't rain, it's seawater. The Piazza San Marco regularly floods at high tide.

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