Five Reasons Why You Should Make Your 2022 Travel Plans Now!

I know, I know…most of us are just emerging from the Second Great Lockdown of 2021, and perhaps thinking about where we might be able to go for a little vacation this summer. Meanwhile, I’m already talking about next year?!?

Yes! I am already working on my own travel plans for 2022, and I have five reasons why, if you are able to do so, you should seriously consider doing the same!

1. Travel companies are offering more flexible conditions than ever before.

The travel supplier industry hasn’t exactly been known for offering customer-friendly booking, rebooking and cancellation policies. The pandemic decimated their businesses, however, and has forced them to offer more flexible terms in order to convince nervous customers to go ahead and make travel plans.

These improved policies are available now for future travel, so by booking early you can not only ensure that you can take the trip you want to in 2022, but also do so with some of the most traveler-friendly booking conditions available in a long, long time. And if you book your trip in the EU, regulations concerning package holidays can help ensure that your hard-earned money is safe even if something happens with the travel supplier.

2. There’s already quite a bit of booking activity happening for 2022.

Yep, plenty of people are already making travel plans for next year! That means that if you wait too long, space could be limited and you may have difficulty booking the exact trip you want to take. So, if there’s a specific destination you’ve really been wanting to visit and you’d like to do it next year, my recommendation is to secure your place now!

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas on Pixabay

3. By this time next year, COVID-19 probably won’t be a thing of the past, but the severe lockdowns and disruption it’s causing now likely will be.

Even the virologists, the ones advocating for the harshest lockdowns to combat the spread of this virus, are saying that the current state of affairs won’t go on forever.  And while it looks like covid-19 is unfortunately here to stay, meaning it is unlikely to be eradicated, the current pandemic situation is expected to gradually fade, particularly in countries with higher vaccination rates.

Of course, no one has a crystal ball to know for sure, and we could still see new variants emerge or severe outbreaks in places with lower levels of vaccination. But the overall consensus points to a strong likelihood that the worst phases of the pandemic are slowly behind us rather than still ahead of us. That means a gradual return to something resembling what we remember as “normal” life, even if there’s a bit of “new normal” in the mix.

4. After the challenging fifteen months we’ve all had, it’s great to have something to look forward to.

It’s been a rough time with covid-19, particularly for those who lost a loved one, or experienced financial or health challenges in their family. We’ve all felt the effects in one way or another, perhaps a few of them were positive but in the balance, it has just been…not fun.

And while the past year has taught many of us to slow down and appreciate the smaller pleasures in life, over time the limited mobility and reduced social interaction can begin to get tiring…it has for me, at least! My Wanderlust is, let’s say, an itch that has been waiting a long time to be scratched! 😉

I think many of us have also learned to appreciate travel for the luxury it actually is, and not take it for granted like we may have done before. Missing out on something you enjoy for a longer period makes it pretty exciting when you can finally do it again, you know? All the more reason to plan ahead, travel purposefully and really savor the privilege once we have it again!

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

5. There are so many new and exciting ways to travel!

For many of us, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we think about travel. Crowded destinations and packed cruise ships don’t look quite as attractive as they used to, and the appeal of being outdoors and in nature while traveling is more popular than ever. And of course, sustainability and “building back better” are at the forefront of the discourse concerning the revival of tourism.

The good news is, travel companies have been paying attention to this trend, and there are so many new options on the market for those who would like to be outdoors, active and/or more engaged with the communities they visit. Small scale is the word of the day, for example, whether we’re talking about lodgings, group tours or anything else. Activities and daytrips also reflect the trend towards more intimate travel experiences. The choices are pretty much endless!

So, when considering your travel plans for 2022, maybe think of celebrating the return of tourism with something new, be it a new destination or a different way of traveling.

But whatever you do, don’t wait! Start planning now, and make your dream trip for 2022 a reality!