Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I grew up in the eastern USA in a pretty typical American family. But for as long as I can remember I have been curious about the world, and by extension world cultures, foods and languages. I was relatively well-traveled for an American child of the day, but nearly all of that travel was domestic. Once I hit my early 20’s I caught the travel bug, however, and remain happily infected with it to this day. ☺

After having lived in 5 different US states, in 2007 I moved abroad, a huge step that I had actually dreamed of taking for years before the opportunity finally presented itself. I lived in Brussels, Belgium from 2007 to 2014, and since then near Munich, Germany with my loving husband (who – as luck would have it – loves to travel almost as much as I do) and two cool stepsons…who are, of course, way cooler than me.

I’m an enthusiastic student of sustainability as well, currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Development (expected completion February 2024). As I become more knowledgeable on the topic, I look forward to sharing new insights and perspectives with you!




Are you concerned about your tourism footprint, and want to do your part to travel more responsibly while still having a great time?

Then you’ve come to the right place! I created Wanderlust for Life to help others get off-the-beaten path and have more unique and memorable travel experiences, in a way that’s also friendlier to people and the planet.

I feature destinations, lodgings and activities all over the world, with sustainability as the common thread and litmus test for everything I publish. And because we’re not all multi-millionaires, I focus on things that us ‘normal’ folks can do, not just the rich and famous.

On a more serious note, I’ve increasingly realized some of the not-so-great impacts tourism can have.  I’ve had to confront some of my own past travel behaviors, and acknowledge that I can do better. So sometimes I cover more serious, introspective topics in the realm of sustainability and tourism.

I look forward to helping you, my dear reader, in your journey to making your travels fun, fulfilling and (of course) sustainable. Bon voyage!